Athan interviewed by Age Horizon (San Antonio, TX)

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Age Horizon interviews Athan

• What would your dream tour be for your band? Who and why?

I would love to tour the world definitely and hopefully soon! I could settle for a UK tour and a Wembley show, ha! Favorite bands to tag along, are U2 and Foo Fighters, not sure how that sound will work with our sound but these 2 have always been my favorite bands to watch live, my biggest influences, amazing performers and really smart people in general. If I would have to choose a sound closer to ours I would go with The Strokes or something like that.

• What advice do you have have for the readers who are in bands or planning to be in a band?

Stick with it, no matter what the obstacles may be, it’s a very competitive field and takes a lot to move forward, talent, stage presence, time and sometimes just money, connections or luck! Just make sure you are playing music because you love music and you’ll be real to yourself, the more you put into it, eventually, the bigger the outcome.

• Do you have a special pre-show ritual? If so what is it and why?

I try not to talk too engage in many conversations before the show, trying to be heard through the loud music is always exhausting…the only conversation I try to have before a show is with myself, with my inner voice.

• Do you ever change a song in anyway while performing?

Many times. I may change some of the lyrics, usually the only person from the band that only realizes it is David, the drummer. Sometimes we may extend parts of the songs, I am thankful to have bandmates that have very good communication on stage.

• Are there any new bands, unsigned bands, or local bands that you feel our readers should check out?

Trapped In Static of course 🙂 , but also you should check out Jason Gill, Chrome Public and Smax, each one of them is a completely different genre but each one of them is very talented!

Age Horizon is an Art company from San Antonio, Texas. Photography, graphic design, and other types of art. Follow them on instagram @agehorizonofficial


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